When to change your tires ?

Wondering how often to replace your car tires? How to estimate the wear of your tires? Summer or winter tires, is there a real difference? When to change your tires for optimal driving? Find out all the answers to the questions you have about tires right now.

Flat, deflated or damaged tire:

quand changer ses pneus

Replacement frequency

To begin with, your tires should ideally be replaced every 40,000 kilometers approximately. Of course, the life of your tires will vary depending on how they are used. If you like to drift around supermarket parking lots every Sunday afternoon, then change them more regularly. If you’re a leisurely driver, your tires will last a long time. There are a number of factors other than your driving style that can affect the condition of your tires. For example, the condition of the roads, or the weather conditions should be taken into account.

In short, we advise you to check the condition of your tires regularly. Thanks to the tread depth, you can make a quick assessment of the condition of your tires. If the tread depth is less than 2.5mm, it is already time to think about it.

Finally, if you notice a difference in level between the right and left sides of your car, it’s time to change your tires. By the way, if you replace one side of your vehicle, always make sure to replace the other side as well!

A problem with one or more of your tires?

When to change your tires according to the season?

There are three types of tires depending on the season.

  • 4-season tires:

Ideal for city driving, the four-season tire is very resistant to temperature changes throughout the year. However, if temperatures reach extreme highs or lows, consider adapting your tires.

  • Winter tires:

In case of precipitation or lower temperatures, snow tires give you a better grip on the ground. Mount them on your car as soon as the temperature drops below 7°C.

  • Summer tires:

Best suited for sporty driving, summer tires are perfect for city driving. They also deliver their best performance in the warmer months.

Do you know how old your tires are?

All tires produced after the year 2000 have a 4 digit DOT code. The first 2 digits indicate the week of the year in which your tire was produced. The other 2 digits indicate the year of production. For example: if the DOT code of your tires is 4012, it means that your tires were produced in the 40th week (end of September/beginning of October) of the year 2012.

You now have all the keys in hand to understand when to change your car tires.

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