All our tips for a good engine cleaning

Regular engine cleaning will keep your engine in shape longer. You’ll be less prone to technical problems and your vehicle will perform better. Wondering how to do your engine cleaning effectively? We’ll tell you the secrets of perfect maintenance.

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First step: preparation

To begin, place a cardboard box on the floor underneath your vehicle’s engine. The engine cleaning will indeed make the grease that has accumulated there flow. It is therefore necessary to protect your floor.

Now you can get on with the job. Start by removing the most visible and easily removable debris by hand. Take care of, for example, pine needles, possible dust nests, etc.

Then start your vehicle and let the engine run for about 5 minutes. There’s really no need to leave it running any longer. Leaving your engine running will help the grease to soften and make cleaning easier.

Finally, protect all electrical parts under your hood and disconnect your battery. You can also remove it completely if you feel the need. To do this, use a wrench and undo the “-” hook that corresponds to the black terminal. If you want to remove it completely, remove the “+” terminal as well and unscrew the button at the bottom of the battery. You can then remove it easily. Be careful, if you decide to leave your battery in place, make sure that the black cable does not touch the “-” terminal. To protect the electrical parts, cover them with plastic, such as a white bag.

Secondly, the engine cleaning

You can now proceed to the complete cleaning of your engine. To do this, you first need an engine degreaser. With the help of its straw-shaped nozzle, you can easily spray the product on the entire surface to be degreased. Caution: Read the instructions carefully and follow the directions for use before handling the product. Do not apply engine cleaner to stainless steel, chrome or painted parts.

Let the product work for 5 to 10 minutes. During this time, wear safety glasses and disposable gloves. Safety first! Particles of product could be thrown around, so protect yourself. After putting on your gloves, use a nylon brush with hard bristles. Scrub the entire surface you’ve covered with engine cleaner. The grease will then run down the underside of your vehicle, so it’s a good idea to protect it beforehand.

Last step: rinse and clean your vehicle

Use a standard garden hose and gently rinse your engine. Don’t use too much pressure, as it could loosen connections or seep into poorly protected areas under your hood. Once the rinse is complete, your engine should be clean. If it is not yet clean, you can repeat the engine cleaning process with your engine cleaner.

Finally, reconnect your battery and clean the exterior of your vehicle. This will prevent the engine cleaner from breaking down the body paint.

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