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Any type of intervention

misfuelling - blocked car door and forgotten keys - out of gas - engine breakdown - engine failure - flat tire - accident - impound exit - etc.

Your car refuses to start? Because of bad weather, your vehicle is stuck in the snow or in the mud? You have filled up your car with the wrong gas because of carelessness? Don't waste another second, a car troubleshooting must be treated quickly. Otherwise, it can lead to other breakdowns. So call our car troubleshooting Ixelles service and say goodbye to your car problems!


Our car troubleshooting Ixelles services

Our service has many years of experience in car troubleshooting and towing of cars, motorcycles and vans. Our car troubleshooting Ixelles services will help you forget about this unpleasant moment very quickly. In order to have an idea of the kind of service we usually provide, you can consult the list below. We intervene in particular if :

  • You are facing a vehicle breakdown of which you do not know the origin
  • The car, motorcycle or van you are driving has been in an accident
  • You have one or more flat tires
  • Your vehicle has run out of gas
  • You have lost your keys
  • Your keys have broken in the lock
  • You have filled up with the wrong type of gas
  • You need an emergency towing
  • Your handbrake has jammed, so you can't move forward
  • The battery of your 2 or 4 wheels is dead
  • You need to get your vehicle out of the impound lot
  • The car, motorcycle or van you are driving is stuck in the mud
depannage voiture ixelles

Why choose our team?

First of all, we know the city of Brussels and its municipalities well. That's why we move very quickly for all our interventions. A car troubleshooting can sometimes come from places you can't imagine. That's why you need to call us, professionals. We take your call quickly, we intervene quickly and so you can quickly forget this unfortunate mishap. Moreover, thanks to our internal training, we ensure a unique follow-up and an outstanding quality.

depannage voiture bruxelles


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