Rapid intervention
24 hours a day - 7 days a week

Free quote by phone

8 years experience

Any type of intervention

misfuelling - blocked car door and forgotten keys - out of gas - engine breakdown - engine failure - flat tire - accident - impound exit - etc.

You live in the Brussels-Capital Region and unluckily you have a car breakdown? You don't know anything about car mechanics and are therefore afraid to touch it. Indeed, it is quite normal. Let our team of car troubleshooting Koekelberg experts intervene. They are extremely efficient and will be able to handle your towing or breakdown in no time! So no time to lose, call us for a quality service and a speed without equal. 



Our car troubleshooting Koekelberg service

There's no denying that this is a bad time. But thanks to our speed, it will soon be a thing of the past. Here are some of the things that our service deals with on a regular basis.

  • 24H / 24H
  • Aquaplaning so you are stuck in the mud
  • Your battery doesn't work anymore
  • Not finding your keys
  • Driving on glass so you have a flat tire
  • Confusing one fuel with another
  • Broken handbrake
  • Your car/motorcycle is being towed
  • The vehicle you are using is in an accident
  • Collision 
  • Your car has an unknown mechanical problem
  • Impossible for you to find your keys 
depannage voiture KOEKELBERG

Our car troubleshooting team

First of all, we have been providing our service for many years now. This way, we know exactly how to intervene. Moreover, we understand that this is a difficult moment. For this reason, we choose people who are not only highly competent in the field of car mechanics but who are also very respectful. In addition, our top priority is that you are towed or repaired as soon as possible. This is why our service is available every day of the week and 24H/24H. In addition, our staff that takes care of calls is very responsive. They answer the moment you call and give you all the necessary information.

In short, from the moment you contact us our team is already ready to join you. That's why by calling us, you save a lot of time. Finally, your day that had taken a strange turn will end with a quality service and will certainly give you a smile.

depannage voiture bruxelles


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